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Welcome to Helping Paw

Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioral issues, our trainers are focused on not only training your pet, but teaching owners how to effectively communicate with them, without using fear, submission or intimidation. Browse our site to learn more about how we can help. We also provide consultation for choosing your fur baby.

How does the service works?

Personalized Dog Training: Care: Info Consultation

All week you can ask any question you like about your beloved dog whether it is dog training tips, care tips, or general dog knowledge and an expert care provider trainer answers the question providing a suggestion for your choice of use- for $30 each week that you choose to pay. 

 Dream Dog Consultation:

You send in all the information about your dream dog for a week and I will  ask questions to create brainstorming help then a dog expert replies with a match. You then choose whether or not you would like to have the dog as your new member of the family. I am providing a good option for you to choose - $30

Our Story

At Helping Paw, we try to remain on the cutting edge of animal behavioral science. Offering the most effective, veterinarian-backed training methodologies . Providing fit your specific needs, all of our trainers are equipped to help you achieve your goals. From impulse control and obedience to complex commands and tricks—no pet is untrainable.

* disclaimer: policy form has to be signed be apart of the program*

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